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If your ATM or debit card got lost you can take any step as explained below to avoid robbery or any other misshappening. Their are many alternatives for your card to be safe from such instances, without wasting your time like other bloggers i am getting you the insights as a banker. Kindly check your problem and answers given to it. Keep this in mind you are here to avoid any puzzle situation in bank.

Card can be reapplied – If your card is lost and you are not afraid of the reason to misused you can go to your base branch and reapply for the same card as the previous one. Make sure it is different from applying new card as in this your same card number and variant ( like visa platinum, rupay, mastercard etc.) will be same as previous one you had.

Card can be blocked – Yes your card that has been lost can be lost can be blocked. Their are several ways by which you can block your card.

  1. Go to your base branch and they will block if you tell them.
  2. Their is a toll free number of the bank on which you can tell your detail and they will block your card on your behalf.
  3. Their is a toll free number where you can message in their format and block your card.

Note : Blocked card can be again started if you want after blocking but this can be done by only your base branch.

Card can be applied – Just apply for the new card and select your variant by various means. We will discuss this in near future.

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