Gold Jewellery SafeGold Jewellery Safe

Best way to keep gold jewellery safe is of course not your home. Their is no such security and if you buy and keep a locker in your home it will be not that secured as the locker is not of high standards. You have to keep your gold outside the home but with safety. So if i tell you that your gold will be the liability of others.

You can take a gold loan from a low interest rate bank as by taking this loan it will be a liability of the bank. In this loan you have to only pay one time at the end of the year. Also if it is less than 3 lakh and you are an agriculturist government gives a benefit as a subsidy of nearly 3% when you pay the loan amount timely.

Example : As your loan interest is 7% and you are having a subsidy of 3% you are not spending much on your gold safety and if you buy a locker in bank they will charge you as per size of locker and their norms. They are not responsible for locker that you have taken.

Gold Loan is the best tip from this banker as an insight to take a gold loan and every time at the end of year you can renew it. Also if you want your gold back in some time you can take it back by paying the loan amount.

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