Dormant accountInoperative dormant account

Tension in your mind, we will help you not only by answering but also by explaining.
When an account is not being used for transaction by the customer for few months then the account turns into DORMANT as per RBI guidelines.
NOTE : RBI says that after having yoyr account activated you have to do a transaction in account otherwise it will be again deactivated.
If someone by chance deposit money in the account which is dormant, this is not a big issue. Only the money you have credited in that account would not be used temporarily. Only money will be accepted by this account but withdrawl would not be possible.
You have to fill a form in your bank branch for activating the account which has been temporarily deactivated and after checking all the details by you bank your account will be again activated.
In some banks their is a limit in which if the total amount is greater than a decifed amount by that bank as some banks have 1 lakh limit then that account will be activated by higher authority in tha bank which will take some time but you have to visit branch for this.

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